I offer a variety of professional car valeting and detailing services, please take a look to see which best suits your needs. If you would like to book or enquire about any services please do not hesitate to contact me.


*heavily soiled cars will incur an extra charge.


*cancellations within 24 hours of a booked valet will have to be paid in full.


Examples of car sizes are at the bottom of this page

Standard Services

Regular Maintenance Valet: Same service as the 'Standard Valet' below but must be carried out regularly, full 'Standard Valet' price will be charged for the initial service.

every 2 weeks or less:Small £35 Medium £35 Large £40 XL £45

every 4 weeks or less: Small £40 Medium£40 Large £45 XL £50

every 6 weeks or less: Small £45 Medium £45 Large £50 XL £55


Standard Valet: Includes both standard interior and standard exterior valets.

Small £50 Medium £60 Large £70 XL £80

Add a layer of Carpro Reload spray sealant for an additional £20(S/M) £25(L/XL)


Standard Interior-only Valet: Litter removed, all seats, mats, carpets and boot vacuumed, interior windows cleaned, dashboard and all plastics cleaned.

Small £30 Medium £35 Large £40 XL £45


Standard Exterior-only Valet: Wheels sprayed with a PH neutral iron remover to remove breakdust, wheel arches and lower half of bodywork treated with a gentle pre-wash and then pressure washed, hand pre-wash the lower half of bodywork and wheels, entire exterior pressure washed then hand washed with a wash and wax shampoo, thoroughly rinsed and dried with a soft microfibre towel, door shuts cleaned, paintwork treated with a detailing spray to remove any water marks and leave a clean shine with good water-beading protection, then to finish tyres dressed and glass cleaned.

Small £30 Medium £35 Large £40 XL £45 

Add a layer of Carpro Reload spray sealand for an additional £20 (S/M) £25 (L/XL)



Carpet and upholstery shampoo cleaning: Stain remover applied to any stubborn stains, and all areas machine cleaned with a high quality carpet and fabric cleaner gently lifting any marks, stains and general dirt from your cars interior fabrics.
  Small Medium Large XL
1 seat 15 15 15 15
2 seats 25 25 25 25
5 seats 50 50 50 50
7 seats  - - 60
Carpets only 30 35 40 45
Roof lining only 20 20 25 25
Full interior shampoo 80 90 100 110



Leather Cleaning: 

Maintnance: Dr Leather PH neutral wipes gently lift daily dirt with ease, these are very gentle and recommended to be used regularly on all leather.

Price £5-30 depending on area requiring treatment.


Leather deep cleaning: Gtechniq cleaner applied to all leather and agitated with a soft brush helping remove soiling, wiped clean and dried with a soft microfibre cloth.

Price £10-50 depending on area requiring treatment.


Soft top cleaning and protection: Autoglym fabric hood cleaner and protector is applied in a 2-stage process. Firstly the cleaner removes any protection on the hood and cleans any stains and general dirt which is then rinsed and repeated until perfectly clean, secondly the protection is applied and once dried will bead off any rain water and repel dirt and grime which would otherwise stick to the hood of your car. (This service is ideally carried out every 6-12 months)

Price £30-50 depending on the size and condition of the hood. 


Alloy wheel sealant: Gtechniq wheel armour sealant stops brake dust and other contaminants from sticking to the wheels of your car making cleaning much easier time after time. (Ideally re-applied every 12-24 months)

Price £30-50 depending on the size of the wheels and how much cleaning is needed prior to application.

Paintwork Decontamination

Tar Removal: Tar spots are very common on cars and diminish the look of your paintwork and wheels, this service uses a high quality tar remover to clear your paintwork of the little black spots. This service may not remove 100% of all tar spots like the 'complete decontamination' but is a big help and very safe to use on a regular basis. This is an additional service to be added to an 'Exterior-only valet' or 'Standard valet'.

Price £10-£30 depending on level of conatmination.


Complete decontamination: 'Standard Exterior-only valet' plus:

Tar removal, Metal fallout removal and a clar bar used (either fine, medium or coarse depending on the paintwork condition) to remove any contaminants left on the paintwork/wheels to leave your car perfecly clean. To finish 'Carpro Reload' is applied for protection.

Small £90 Medium £100 Large £110 XL £120

For examples of these services please take a look at the 'gallery' page

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